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Pulling The Trigger: Protecting Yourself and Those You Love

So you're thinking about buying a gun? There are numerous reasons why people seek to own guns, some of which we've already discussed here on our blog, but one of the most common reasons is for protection. 

Protection From Violent Attacks

Whether you live on the east coast, west coast, or somewhere in between, violent attacks are an all-too-common occurrence in today's society. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) reports that 38.9 violent crimes per 100,000 U.S. residents occurred in the 2012, with aggravated assaults topping the list as the most common type of violent crime. Law-abiding citizens can protect themselves and their families, however, by investing in a firearm.

The old saying, hope for the best but prepare for the worst, holds true in today's day and age. Hopefully, you will never be the victim of a violent attack, but if you are, you need to have the means and knowledge to defend yourself. Owning a gun will grant you the means to defend yourself, your family, and your property if you are ever the target of a violent crime. Criminals may do some dumb things, but most will scatter the moment a gun is pointed in their direction.

Gun Ownership Misconceptions

Critics often claim that guns do more harm than good, increasing the risk of injury to the owner and his or her family. However, a recent study led by Florida State University professor Gary Kleck and University of New Haven processor Jongyeon Tark found that guns did NOT cause property loss or injury to the victim. Kleck, Tark, and their team of colleagues examined data from 27,595 crime incidents recorded in the 1992-2001 National Crime Victimization Survey. They found that gun usage actually reduced the risk of property loss, as well as both minor and major injury to the victim.

Create a Safe Living Environment for Your Family

As a parent, it's your responsibility to provide a safe environment for your family. Installing an alarm system may help to some degree, but it's not going to offer immediate, fool-proof protection from an invader. With a gun safely stored in an area that's inaccessible to children, you can provide this safe environment for your family, fending off intruders or other criminals.

With gun ownership comes a great deal of responsibility, however. Owners must familiarize themselves with their firearm, understanding the firing mechanism, safety switch, how to clean it, and most importantly, how and when to fire it. Once you've learned these elements, you'll experience a newfound sense of relief knowing that you can protect yourself and your family.


* Image used by creative commons license, credited to frankieleon.

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