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Guide to Concealed Carry Clothing

If you plan on carrying a concealed firearm, it's paramount that you keep your gun fully hidden from plain sight at all times. Having the barrel or magazine protrude out may seem harmless enough, but it's often enough to startle bystanders who aren't familiar with concealed carry laws. In cases such as this, it's best to avoid confrontation by fully hiding your firearm, which is where concealed carry clothing comes into play.

What is Concealed Carry Clothing?

Concealed carry clothing is exactly what it sounds like: shirts, jackets, pants, shorts, bras, and other garments with hidden compartments that are designed specifically for carrying a concealed firearm. These garments may look like ordinary clothes from an outsider's perspective, but they contain special compartments for safely holding a firearm. You can see some examples of concealed carry clothing by visiting our store here.

You might be wondering why concealed carry clothing is necessary. In all honesty, you don't NEED concealed carry clothing to hide your firearm. On the contrary, you can stick your pistol in the back of your pants' waistline and call it a day. But which method of concealed carry looks more nefarious? Tucking a pistol into your waistline, or safely holstering it in your shirt's compartment? Yep, it's the latter, and using concealed carry clothing will also reduce the risk of an accidental discharge.

Concealed Carry Shirts and Sweaters

When choosing a concealed carry shirt or sweater, pay close attention to the material from which it is made. Lightweight cotton may sound appealing, especially during the hot summer months, but it may prove inadequate at hiding your firearm. A typical semi-automatic pistol can weigh anywhere between 2.5 to 5 pounds. Once holstered in your concealed carry shirt or sweater, that extra weight will pull down the fabric, creating the impression that you are carrying something. Instead of cotton, consider choosing a shirt or sweater that's made with a heavier, more durable material, such as wool or wool blends.

Concealed Carry Pants

Just as a gun can weigh down a shirt or sweater, it can also weigh down your pants. Check the belt loops of concealed carry pants to ensure they are strong and sturdy enough to support the added weight of your firearm. Some of the cheaper concealed carry pants on the market are made with equally cheap belt loops that may break and fall apart after just a couple of uses.

Watch the Print

Certain types of concealed carry clothes may create a “print” of your firearm. Basically, this is an impression of your firearm's shape protruding outwards. Because pistols have a distinct shape, it's relatively easy for people to spot them based on the print. So, how do you know whether or not a concealed carry garment will produce a print? There's no way to tell for sure without wearing it and testing it for yourself. A concealed carry shirt may look fine in the store, but you really won't know how well it hides your gun until you wear it.

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