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Why Are Glocks So Popular?

The Glock is arguably one of the most popular and well-known pistols throughout the world.  Originally developed back in the early 1980s, it's become ubiquitous in the public sector, as well as law enforcement and military. In fact, reports indicate that up to 65% of all US law enforcement pistols are Glocks, attesting to its popularity.

So, why is the Glock such a popular choice?

Rail Mounted Accessories

The third-generation Glock introduced a new universal rail mount for accessories. Dubbed the Universal Glock rail (for obvious reasons), it supports the use of laser sights, tactical flashlights, and other pistol-mounted accessories. So instead of limiting yourself to the Glock's iron sights, you can easily snap a laser sight on. All newer Glocks also support the Universal Glock rail.

Shoots Underwater

Although not recommended due to potential for injury as well as damage to the firearm, certain Glocks are quite capable of firing underwater. The Glock 17, for instance, was designed for use among US Special Forces who operate around water. It can be equipped with maritime spring cups which allow water to pass by the firing pin so the hydraulic force created by an underwater shot doesn't damage the internal components.

Magazine Capacity

Many gun owners and enthusiasts prefer the Glock over other semi-automatic pistols due to its large capacity. The standard Glock 17 9x199 Parabellum, for instance, comes equipped with a standard magazine capacity of 17 9mm rounds, which is far more than other 9mm handguns such as the Ruger P95 with a 10-round magazine. Of course, you can always upgrade your Glock to include a larger magazine, assuming it's high-capacity magazines are not against your state's laws.

Safety Mechanisms

There's a reason why Glocks are the de-facto standard among so many law enforcement personnel in the U.S. – because they are safe and reliable. Glocks actually have three different safety mechanisms which are intended to protect against accidental discharge. This consists of an external trigger safety, a firing pin safety, and a drop hammer safety.


Technically, the Glock is classified as a double-action pistol, but it has a striker-fired system for improve functionality. With most traditional DA pistols, the trigger pull is harder, meaning you have to pull the trigger with a fair amount of force in order for it to shoot. Thanks to the Glock's striker-fired system, however, the trigger pull is light and easy, usually around 4-5 pounds.

The Grip

The next time you visit a gun shop, ask the attendant to let you hold a Glock. Notice how the grip is made with a comfortable polymer frame without any protruding screws? The Glock was designed to ergonomically fit in the shooter's hand. Other grips are often slick and difficult to hold, which increases the risk of a jamming.

The Glock remains one of the most popular semi-automatic pistols of all time. It's effective, reliable, accurate, and safe. When you are looking for another pistol, we definitely recommend that it makes it onto your short list and that you take it on a “test drive” it at your local gun shop/shooting range.

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